Many great features for Home Inspector Pro (HIP) have been added in version updates since v5.4. 

Here are some highlights of the biggest changes from 5.4 to the current versions for both Mac and Windows:

  • Ratings icons have been added
  • Ability to add photos to summary that are not attached to narratives
  • Ability to add icons to section headers
  • New spellcheck and grammar check engines
  • Option added to ignore margins on inserted PDFs
  • Option added to allow inserted PDFs to be saved as a part of the template
  • Integration with HIP Office
  • Overall improved performance and functionality

A full list of version updates from 5.4 to present can be found in the link below:

To download the latest version of HIP, go to:

Updating to a current version update will not overwrite any existing custom files. 

For step-by-step instructions on updating to the current version, visit: