HIP Mobile 6.78

New Features:
  • Video module was completely rewritten to include a more native feel and improved video quality.
  • Batch-add photos feature was improved to allow unlimited photos to be added at once. The previous limit was 10.
  • Added the ability to copy/move videos from one section to another in the report.

HIP Desktop v6.7
New Features:
  • Added the ability to add images to glossary popups. Great for stock diagrams of issues.
  • Former HIP Cloud users, now HIP Office Lite, can now Import Inspection from HIP Office on Desktop (and mobile) to import all the client, agent, and property data into the inspection.
  • Added the ability to upload directly to HIP Office from within HIP Desktop. You'll be able to view payment status and contract signature status during the upload, as well as being able to upload supplemental reports and name them.
  • Net inspection fee is sent to HIP Office Lite, so order details are correct and financial reports can be run.
Design Changes:
  • ISN file uploads changed to TLS secure uploads due to security change on ISN side. Older versions of HIP will not be able to upload to ISN once this change is forced on ISN's side.
  • Made a change to how paths are stored within the Stationery feature to ensure the templates work on both Mac and Windows without a change being needed.
  • Added the option to populate PDF forms on the Generate Report popup to save time going to the PDF Form area for each report.
  • Automatic photo captions were using the entire narrative. This has been changed to only include text after the [[Caption]] tag, which was the original intent.
Bug Fixes:
  • Linked images that were not PNG or JPG format were not always appearing. This was mostly occurring with JPEG files and has been fixed.
  • The inspector signature variable wasn't appearing properly when used in the cover page designer.
  • Fixed limitation that only allowed a single image to be added to sketches properly.
  • If the license contained the full state name instead of short code the license was reloading every time. This has been fixed.
  • Fix that was causing agent photos to not always import correctly from HIP Office and ISN.
  • Fixed issue that was causing the full photo tab name to appear at times instead of the shortened version.