These instructions outline the steps to remove prior Home Inspector Pro inspections from your mobile device. We typically recommend keeping the prior week inspections on the device and removing older inspection that have been uploaded to the HIP Cloud and completed in the Home Inspector Pro Desktop version. This will free up some additional storage space as well, which is always a good thing.

If you have the Full Size Images option in the Settings section, we recommend performing this process weekly, as a much larger amount of space is used by the full size photographs. 

Important: Once inspections have been deleted from the mobile device, there is no way to recover the inspections from the device. Please confirm you have uploaded the inspections to the HIP Cloud before deleting the inspections. 

To view the inspections in the HIP Cloud, click on the Mobile Sync button in the toolbar of the Home Inspector Pro Desktop program. Then, click on the Download Inspections button. This will display all inspections that have been uploaded to your HIP Cloud account.

To perform this process:

1. Open up HIP Mobile and tap on Manage.

2. Tap on the Options button under Available Inspections


3. You will be shown a list of inspections on your device. If you would like to remove only selected inspections, you can tap on each individual inspection you would like to remove. You will see a green checkmark to the right of each inspection indicating it has been selected. Once you are done selecting the individual inspections you want to delete, you can tap on the Delete Selected button.

4. If you would like to remove all inspections from your device, tap the Delete All button.

5. A message will appear to confirm the removal of the inspections. Tap OK and the inspections will be removed from your device.

For questions or additional support, contact us by clicking on the green chat bubble in the lower right corner of this page, email us at, or giving us a call at 888-750-4777.