• Photo/Narrative Counts are now updating instantly.
  • Photo thumbnails now include annotations.
  • On a global search the edit/save works correctly (bug fix)
  • The issue with using the left arrow when on the image gallery screen has been fixed.
  • The batch import of photos has been changed to a new image chooser to reduce memory issues.


  • Big improvements in Team Inspections in stability and a new sync progress bar in the top right that tells you if you're 100% in sync with the others on your team or not. This is really helpful if someone on the team ends up offline for a bit as you can see if everything has updated yet or not. There's also been a lot of improvements in the stability on the server and app side of team inspections in general.
  • HIP Mobile's Photo Slideshow is now ~90% more memory efficient which makes things a lot smoother for those that take a lot of photos. The app now only loads 3 photos at a time instead of loading all photos into the app using up a lot more memory.
  • Pinch Zoom added into summary slideshow.
  • With new installs ALL default templates will automatically install into the app to make it easier for new inspectors to use.
  • Ghosting text overlap that occurs occasionally when rotating the device quickly has been fixed.
  • Multiple HIP Camera quality and speed improvements
  • Updated the platform SDK to work with upcoming iOS versions. This came with a lot of speed improvements as well.
  • Fixed Done button missing when using voice to text at times.
  • Link to sign up for an account added to the Sync tab when no account is logged in.