New Payment Gateways Supported - Now supports additional payment gateways for processing customer fees. 

  • Square

  • Paypal

Multi-User Support - HIP Office version 2 now supports companies with more than one inspector. 

Multi-Company Support - Users are able to be licensed for more than one company in a single instance. This allows inspectors who work for multiple branches or companies within the same organization.

External Inspection Booking - The External Inspection Booking form supports selection of specific inspectors, or for any available inspector.

Support Staff Support - HIP Office users can be designated as support staff. This allows users to be able to manage inspection orders for their inspectors under their own distinct user name. 

Updated License Management - Employee and Home Inspector Pro licenses are now managed from a streamlined, integrated view. This allows for ease of managing your users and licenses in one convenient screen.

User Level Permissions - Owners/Managers can now define the permissions for users to create/modify orders and licensing. 

Integrated Multi-Inspector Calendar View - All inspector schedules can now be viewed from one calendar for a convenient view of inspector availability.

Auto-Send Emails - Automatic emails can now be enabled/disabled on a per order basis. This will allow specific emails to be disabled before sending.

Email Templates - 

Distinct Contract and Payment Links - Email templates now allow distinct links to the client Contract ($ContractLink) and client Payment page ($PaymentLink) in emails, in addition to combined links.

Manual Email Trigger - Manually created emails can now be created for individual inspection customers, in addition to automated emails. 

Create Pending Order - Emails for pending inspection orders can now be created.

Invoice Numbering - Customer invoice numbers can now be customized to automatically number according to a user-defined format. 

Custom Payment Page Design - The customer payment page can now be customized to define the items shown on the payment page, and the layout/order of those items. 

Custom Payment Page Redirection - After a customer completes payment for their inspection order, customers can be redirected to a custom external page. 

Order Options - 

Inspection Orders can now be edited, duplicated, and paused.