Follow these steps to sync a template to HIP Mobile

  1. Make sure you have installed both the PC and Mobile Applications and have signed into both
  2. Review the Templates on PC (Open Template) and choose the one you would like to upload (Default Template is recommended for beginners).
  3. Click on Mobile Sync in the top right corner of the HIP PC application.
  4. Choose Upload Template on the left side of the Mobile Sync screen.
  5. From the list, select the template (.tpz file) you want to sync to HIP Mobile and then click Open.
  6. Once the upload reaches 100% go to the HIP Mobile App on your Phone or Tablet.
  7. On the Sync tab press the Refresh button & select your uploaded Template in the dropdown box.
  8. When the correct Template shows in the dropdown box, press Download (If updating a Template you will choose to overwrite when prompted).
  9. Once the download is complete you can use the downloaded template to create a new inspection on the Manage tab.

You can also watch a video tutorial on this process here.