HIP 6.3.3

New Features:

Added the ability to upload ancillary/additional reports direct to HIP Office for a single order.

Design Changes:

Reduced the padding in the photo tabs to fit more on a line without wrapping.

Lots of changes to eliminate orphaned item headers, ratings, etc at the end of a page.

Prevent the cover page from expanding to more than one page.

Updates to how the NXT Integration works to create more stable connections.

Bug Fixes:

Narratives using the bullet item separator sometimes had a new line inserted.

Summary report with lots of summary photos was occasionally causing an issue generating the report.

Fixed issue with TOC page number being incorrect.

Fixed issue with the report total showing one page more than there actually was.

The Apprentice license number wasn't saving after exitiing HIP.

Fixed photo occasionally overlapping text when there's only minor DP issues listed.

HIP 6.2

New Features:

Texas TREC 7-6 template added.

Updated templates released for Florida Wind Mitigation, 4 Point, and Roof Certification

External links within a PDF you insert into a HIP report will now be clickable.

Request repair list narratives now send HTML code so formatting will carry to what the agents see on the RRL.

NXT Inspekt Integration added

Design Change:

New apprentice license # field added for use in Texas.

TOC rows now have a transparent space between them instead of white. Useful for reports with digital stationary.

Signature size for client/inspector has been increased.

Split items across multiple pages now affects the summary narratives and photos as well.

If split items across multiple pages is not selected the comment will not split even if there's a line break within the narrative.

Selection/Damage Panels will revert to default colors visibly if advanced colors is turned off.

Lots of updated to the PDF form fill feature. You can now stack multiple variables within one line, just make sure it's set to static and there's no variable selected in the 3rd dropdown box. Signatures properly insert. Saves a copy of the PDF within the inspection file, fix if not text appears after the [[note]], other MISC fixes.

Improved message that opens if the PDF being generated is already open in another program to make it clear what the issue is.

Scroll bar added into HIP Menus if there are more items on the menu than can fit on the screen.

TOC Background colors and fonts separated out to be much easier to set up.

Allow the same color to be used multiple times with advanced colors/multiple summaries.

Change how username/password are passed to ISN to reduce problems with antivirus/firewall software.

Bug Fix:

If multiple clicks are registered on a menu directly over the Edit Template button, HIP was locking up.

Advanced Color fix for the colors drop down within Selection Panels to always update.

French languge characters weren't importing from HIP Office to HIP correctly.

Photo Scrollbar scrolls better when dragging images.

Color coding within narratives wasn't always reflecting properly on the main narrative screen.