This article covers how to backup your current HomeGauge data and submit it to Home Inspector Pro for conversion. This assumes you have access to your current HomeGauge installation. 

For the migration of the data, we will want to get a backup of your current HomeGauge templates. Your current HomeGauge data will not be effected by the conversion process and will continue working. 

Backing Up Your HomeGauge Data

  1. Make sure your HomeGauge program is closed before copying files. 

  2. Click on the Start Menu of your computer. 

  3. Go to Documents.

  4. Double-click on the HomeGauge folder. 

  5. Double-click on the Templates folder. 

  6. Find the various .ht5 files representing each of the templates you use on a normal basis.
    Note: There may be subfolders for various subtopics of templates such as Residential, Commercial, etc. You can go into these subfolders to find additional HomeGauge templates.

  7. Compose a new email addressed to 

  8. Attach the .ht5 template files to your email. 

Once the files have been received, an agent will have your data converted into Home Inspector Pro templates. You will receive an email after the conversion has been completed with the Home Inspector Pro templates attached.