This article covers how to backup your current 3D Inspection System data and submit it to Home Inspector Pro for conversion. This assumes you have access to your current 3D Inspection System installation. 

For the migration of the data, we will want to get a backup of your current 3D forms set. Your current 3D Inspection System data will not be effected by the conversion process and will continue working. 

Backing Up Your 3D Home Inspection Data

  1. Launch the 3D Home Inspection System program.
  2. Click on Custom Form Studio on the left side of the program. The Custom Form Studio will then launch in a separate window.
  3. On the left side, under the Form Groups column, right-click on the form you would like to send for conversion.
  4. Click on Backup/Distribute Group
  5. Leave the checkbox for Include uncompiled forms in the backup box checked.
  6. Click Backup. The backup of the form group will begin. 
  7. When prompted to save the form group, you can use the current file name. Select a location for the backup file to be saved to that will be accessible.
  8. Click Save.
  9. The backup will be performed. Once completed, click Exit.

Follow steps 3-9 for each additional form group to send for conversion.