Use this article to help fix the "Unable to Generate Report" Error

Unable to Generate Report

Common Causes:

1. PDF with the same name is already open in primary pdf viewer.

2. Issue with cover photo preventing report generation

3. issue with Summary photo preventing report generation

Solution for PDF Same Name: 

  • Close any open PDF in your primary PDF viewer and try generating again.

Solution for Cover Photo: 

  • Go to Report Settings->Cover Page Designer and click "Enable Custom Cover Pages in the Bottom right. Attempt to generate report.

Solution for Summary Photos:

  • Go to Photos->Add/Edit Photos and check images that have the "Summary" Box checked. Uncheck these photos and attempt to generate the report. If successful add back Summary photos a few at a time to see if you can root out the offending picture.

If after these steps are taken you can still not successfully generate the report please contact support.