1. Click on Manage Documents 

2. Select Insert PDF Documents

3. Click Add Document

4. Select the PDF file you'd like to add.

5. Your PDF will be added. You can set options for the PDF and change the location you want it to generate at.


Explanation of Options:

Don't Print:  Useful if you have a PDF that has been saved with your template but don't want it to generate for a particular inspection.

Save to Template:  When checked this will save the PDF to your template. This is useful for documents that you always want to include in your reports. (ie. Introductions, marketing material, etc.)

Ignore Page Margins:  Checking this box will ignore the HIP page margins and your PDF will generate as a full page. Unchecked will scale your PDF to stay inside the HIP margins.

Note:  Secured PDF documents will not be able to be added.