January 29, 2020

Integrations added with HomeBinder and Secure24! Enable and sign up via the Settings => Integrations menu.

  1. Ability added to edit an email before resending it out via the order view.
  2. The clients and agents name and phone number were both added to the details view on Google Calendar when using the Google Calendar Sync
  3. HTML Validation was added to the contract editor to reduce issues when pasting from other programs. We still recommend copying into Notepad or Textedit before pasting into the HIP Office Editor. We’re working on an automatic format stripping feature for an upcoming update.
  4. If you update an email address it will be reflected on all unsent emails connected to the order automatically.
  5. Signature areas now work properly on touch screen computers such as the Surface Pro.
  6. Email address format is validated on the payment page (we had a few people type in physical addresses by mistake!)
  7. If an email isn’t sent or errors a log will be left under the Order Audit.
  8. Fees were being displayed as rounded on the Refund Page. Exact amount now shown.
  9. A new option for Offline Payments was added for Checks as well as a description field for Check # or other notes.
  10. The Payment Completed Page now shows the client your company logo and name at the top of the screen.
  11. Payment pages were updated with more detailed errors if clients entered an incorrect credit card number, address, etc to reduce payment errors. Add Cancel order warning message
  12. A bug on the Email Templates area was fixed that caused custom email addresses entered into the TO, CC, or BCC fields not to save properly.
  13. Bug fixed that was preventing some add-on service fees from being added.
  14. Report Page for Client/Agent were updated to clean up the formatting.
  15. You can now download a copy of the contract to get a wet signature and then upload back into HIP Office from the Order Details => Contract Page.
  16. Navigation buttons added to top of Create Order Wizard to reduce the need to scroll
  17. A lot of smaller errors, language, formatting was corrected thanks to user input.