**HIP Office Integration has been added in. This includes importing inspection data as well as uploading inspection report PDF, HTML & HZF files.

HIP-613 Autosave has been modified to not occur when editing a narrative. It'll delay and try again shortly after.

HIP-610 Agent is automatically selected on the Client Info page when importing from ISN or HIP Office. Previously the agent was imported but was not selected on the first time the agent was used.

HIP-597 Cover Cover is now sent to RecallChek when submitting recall reports.

HIP-588 Option for Windows of having tabs for sections and photos stay on one line instead of wrapping with a dropdown. This matches the Mac setup. Added under Application Settings

HIP-585 Report filesize reduced when using Photo Icon Overlay feature, without losing any quality.

HIP-584 Cover Page Design layout improvement on high-resolution screens. It was getting cut off on some screens previously.

HIP-563 Cover Page Design Import changed to default to opening the HIP included designs.

HIP-517 India has been added into multiple places in the software as we've had growth in new inspectors using HIP from India.

HIP-430 Direct links to Forgot Username/Forgot Password added onto HIP Login view

HIP-398 A ton of new variables added for Edit Documents and Cover Page Designer. See list within Cover Page Designer.

HIP-605 Bug Fix: White background on ratings row for TREC report replaced with transparent row. It was interfering with stationery and headers.

HIP-603 Bug Fix: If a software license was missing a corrupt license was sometimes created.

HIP-601 Bug Fix: On TREC cover page a comma was placed in the wrong place within the inspection address

HIP-582 Bug Fix: Non ASCII characters pasted from web pages into HIP narratives were causing issues back on the desktop.

HIP-580 Bug Fix: Trial licenses were showing the wrong expiration date under Edit->Company Information

HIP-508 Bug Fix: If there was no inspection date there was an error generating the report.