The report stationery is used on all pages (aside from the cover) to specify the background branding for the inspection reports. This is accomplished using the Stationery feature in Home Inspector Pro. The Stationery setting is saved as part of the template, so it is only necessary to specify the Stationery setting once, then the setting will be maintained as this template is used.

To specify the Stationery again:

  1. Go to Report Settings, then Stationery.
  2. The Cover Page Stationery is not used with the BrickKicker template. Confirm this field says 'No Stationery Loaded'. If this field contains a file name, click on Remove to clear the current setting.
  3. Under the All Other Pages Stationery, click on Browse on the right side of the field.
  4. Find the file titled BK Interior.pdf (the .pdf inspection may not be shown)
  5. Click Open. The file name should now show in the All Other Pages Stationery field.
  6. Click on Save Template.
  7. Click Save to make this change permanent.

If you are using the HIP Mobile application, you will need to upload the updated template to the cloud under the Mobile Sync button. Once uploaded, you will need to download the template to the HIP Mobile application and replace the existing template on your device.