Once the master installation has been loaded for the new user, you will need to load the user's license. Before following these steps, save the .enc file (usually titled CompanyInfo.enc) e-mailed by Home Inspector Pro Support to the local computer (such as to the Downloads folder or the Desktop). These instructions can be used to load the users license for a new installation, or for loading a new annual employee license. We'll assume the license has been saved to the Desktop for our instructions.

  1. Launch the Home Inspector Pro program from icon on the Desktop. (If prompted to allow the program to launch, click Yes)
  2. Click on Load License.
  3. When prompted to select the license to load, click on the folder that contains the Home Inspector Pro license file (CompanyInfo.enc).
  4. Select the license file, then click Open.
  5. The user will then be taken to the Company Information screen. Fill out the inspectors information on this screen. The License # field is the state or association assigned ID number. The user can manually fill out this field, or they can blank out the field. If the License # field, or any other field, is blank, this field will not appear on the report.
  6. Close out of the Home Inspector Pro program. When prompted to Save the Client Inspection, click No. The program will then close.
  7. Re-launch the Home Inspector Pro program from the Home Inspector Pro 5 icon on the Desktop.

If the license is properly loaded, the user will be taken directly to the Client Info screen.

Next step: Set the BK template as the default template