1. Go into the users Home Inspector Pro folder.
  2. Right-click on the homeinspectorpro5.exe program file (on some systems, the .exe portion may not be displayed. This is fine.)
  3. Go to Send To, then Desktop (create shortcut). A copy of the Home Inspector Pro shortcut will be created on the Desktop.
  4. Minimize all current windows so you can see the Desktop (or press the Windows Key + D).
  5. Find the icon titled 'HomeInspectorPro5.exe - Shortcut'.
  6. Right-click on the icon, select Rename. Type in the name 'Home Inspector Pro 5'.
  7. Right-click on the icon, select Properties.
  8. Click on the Advanced button.
  9. Select 'Run as Administrator'.
  10. Click OK, then OK.

An alternative method to create the shortcut on the Desktop is to install the most recent version of the Home Inspector Pro program. The installer will recreate the shortcut if it is missing.

  1. Download the Home Inspector Pro installer from the Home Inspector Pro web site ( http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/ ).
  2. Make sure the current Home Inspector Pro program is not running.
  3. Run the Home Inspector Pro installer.
  4. When prompted, click 'I Agree'.
  5. Click Browse, then select the users Home Inspector Pro folder, then click OK.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Once completed, click on Finish.

The Home Inspector Pro installer will install the most recent version of Home Inspector Pro, and create a new Home Inspector Pro 5 icon on the Desktop (if missing).

If an error is given that the system is unable to copy files as part of the installation process, this can be due to the current user not having appropriate permissions to the folder to write files, or the Home Inspector Pro program may be open. In most cases, the program is open, but minimized. Close the Home Inspector Pro program, then click on Retry.

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