These instructions assume there is an existing master installation of Home Inspector Pro setup and available for access on the Google Drive File Stream for the users under the Team Drives folder.

Each user will have their own standalone Home Inspector Pro installation. In the master installation, you can pre-configure the template, stationery, and cover design layout for the user to use. Once the user has been given a copy of the folder, it will be a matter of following these steps to configure their installation:

In addition, instructions are provided that cover:

The Home Inspector Pro folder will contain initially the following folders:

  • Data
  • jre8
  • Lib
  • Photo Library

For the master installation, the main folder to be concerned with is the Data folder. This folder contains everything that makes this their copy of Home Inspector Pro. This includes their license (CompanyInfo.enc), templates (.tpz files), Address Book (contacts.xml), Documents (in the Documents folder), and Glossary (glossary.xml). As part of your master installation, all of these files will be maintained in a generic or company-defined state (aside from the CompanyInfo.enc).

After the user begins using their copy of the Home Inspector Pro program, additional folders will be created automatically:

  • Client Data - The client inspection files (.hzf files)
  • Client Reports - The client reports (.pdf files)

Copying the Master Installation to the Users Local Computer

  1. Go to your Team Drives folder.
  2. Right-click on the Home Inspector Pro folder.
  3. Click Copy.
  4. Go to the location where the users Home Inspector Pro folder will reside. The default location is the in the Program Files (x86), but the Home Inspector Pro folder could be placed in any location, such as their Documents folder.
  5. Right-click in the empty space, click Paste.

The Home Inspector Pro folder will copy to this location. This Home Inspector Pro folder is the users copy of Home Inspector Pro.

Next Step: Create a shortcut for their installation on the Desktop