For the Texas TREC 7-6 Template, the program is hard-coded to only allow for additional inspector documentation in the form. This specifically applies to the section titled 'ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PROVIDED BY INSPECTOR'. The information for this section comes from the Create/Edit Documents section of the Edit menu in the Home Inspector Pro program. To add in a Document with information to appear in this section, follow these steps:

1. Open your Home Inspector Pro, and if need be, go to Open Template and select the 'Texas Template TREC 7-6.tpz' and click Open.

2. Click on 'Edit > Create/Edit Documents' in the menu at the top of the program.

3. Click on 'Add New Document'.

4. Give the Document a title and click 'OK'. The title can be a description of what you would like to have included in this section. You can have multiple documents associated with this section, so make sure the file name is unique and descriptive.

5. Under the section titled 'Include Document In Current Template Before Section', select 'In Texas Intro'. The 'In Texas Intro' section is the only section that can be used with the Texas 7-5 Template.

6. In the body section in the Document, enter in your content like you would with a normal word processor.

The Document automatically saves the contents, so you can click 'Generate Report' to view the  report and your content in the Additional Information section. Make sure to click on 'Save Template' in the toolbar to save the association of the document with your template.