Here's how to move templates (.tpz) and inspection files (.hzf) between Mac machines using a Flash Drive.

1. On your existing machine, go to the Macintosh HD (or the name of your drive), then double-click Documents.

2. Find and the Home Inspector Pro folder, highlight the folder, then go to Edit > Copy 1 Item.

3. Put your Flash Drive into the computer. After a second, your Flash Drive will appear on the left side of the window.

4. Click on the Flash Drive. Go to Edit > Paste. Your files will then be copied on onto the Flash Drive. Once this completes, remove the device from the machine and plug it into your new Mac OS X machine.

5. The remainder of the process is essentially the reverse of the previous steps. Once the device is plugged in, click on the Flash Drive under the Finder window.

7. Find your Home Inspector Pro folder on the Flash Drive, highlight the folder, then go to Edit > Copy 1 Item.

8. Go to the Documents folder.

9. Go to Edit > Paste.

10. If prompted to overwrite, click Yes.

This will transfer all your desired from your existing installation to that on the new machine. You can then double-click on the Home Inspector Pro folder. Find the Home Inspector Pro program, then launch the program by double-clicking on it. This will create an alias on your Dock.

If you have any questions about any of the steps listed above, please let us know.