To remove existing reports and inspections, these files can be deleted from the Home Inspector Pro folder through Windows Explorer. To do this:

1. Right-click on your Home Inspector Pro icon on the desktop

2. Click Open File Location. This will open up the Home Inspector Pro folder (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Home Inspector Pro\)

Each of the folders in the Home Inspector Pro folder contain different pieces of information:

- Client Data - Inspection files ending in the extension .hzf

- Client Report - Inspection Reports - Files are PDF documents

- Data - Template files ending in the extension .tpz

From each of these folders, you can highlight a file and delete the file to remove it from your installation, or move the files to another location (such as a external hard drive or flash drive). Before deleting any files, it is recommended that your existing files in the Home Inspector Pro folder be backed up to another location to avoid loss of data.

In the Data folder, make sure to only delete .tpz files, as other files in this directory are used for the functionality of the Home Inspector Pro program. Deleting non-tpz files can cause your Home Inspector Pro reports and license to no longer be accurate or formatted differently.

If you have any questions about your Home Inspector Pro installation or the removal of files, please let us know.