Within the video tutorial on Editing Documents and on the Cover Page Designer we mention the use of variables.

A variable is a place holder. The variable name, for example $ClientName1 will be replaced with it's actual value when you generate the report. In this case the first Client Name would pulled from the Client Information screen on Home Inspector Pro.

Now to see this in action! Notice the first Last Name/First Name field below. We've entered John Smith.

Now, we've gone to the Edit Document button in the program and pulled up a document we want to edit. In this case the document is called Introduction. Within the document text we typed in $ClientName1.

Now to see this in action! We've clicked on Generate Report and scrolled down to the document. Notice that instead of saying $ClientName1 we see John Smith!

The variable feature is extremely powerful and useful when customizing Documents in Home Inspector Pro and when using the Cover Page Designer.

When working with the Cover Page Designer you add a Text Box and enter the variable name into the text box.

The following variables are currently available for use:

$ClientFaxNumber, $InspectionSize, $InspectionFee$CompanyName, $InspectorName, $InspectorLicense, $InspectionDate, $ClientName1, $ClientName2, $ClientPhoneNumber, $ClientEmailAddress, $ClientInspectionAddress, $ClientInspectionAddress2, $ClientInspectionCity, $ClientInspectionZip, $ClientInspectionState, $InspectionDate, $InspectionTime, $InspectionHomeAge, $InspectionWeather, $InspectionOtherArea, $AgentNameAndCompany, $Client1FirstName , $Client2FirstName, $Apprentice

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