There are two ways you can change your company logo within the program. The first is straightforward and has presets on where the logo is positioned. The second gives you more control over where your logo appears on your report.

To add or change your company logo with the presets, click on Report Settings and click on Company Logo.

On the popup, click Add Logo to search for your company logo.

Towards the bottom of the popup, you have the option to choose whether your logo will appear on the top or bottom, as well as if it is centered, to the right, or left of the report.

Remember to click OK to save your changes.

To give yourself more control on where your logo appears on the report, follow the steps above and click on Report Settings and hit Cover Page Designer.

Your logo will appear on the template to the right of the popup. To select it, click on Company Logo under the Layering section.

Your image will highlight and you have the freedom to drag it to wherever it needs to be on the report.

Once you are done, click on Apply Changes to Template and hit Yes to save your changes to the template.