In Home Inspector Pro you have the ability to individually add photos or add groups of photos using the batch add feature.

To individually add photos, click on Photos in the top bar and click Add/Review Photos

On this page you can add up to four photos per tab, and have as many tabs as you need. Remember that the image in the top left section on the first tab will be used as the cover photo of the report.

To add a photo, click on the Add Photo button in any section and search for your photo in the file chooser.

You can select which section and item the photo will appear under within the report, or click on the Print At End checkbox to add your photo at the end of the report.

To add multiple photos at once, click on Photos in the top bar and click Batch Add Photos. The popup gives you the option to leave the first slot blank so you can manually choose a cover photo, as well as the option to space out your photos by leaving an open slot next to each photo. 

After you click OK on the popup, you can select a folder containing all of your photos to be imported.