Home Inspector Pro now has a Sketchpad feature in the Photo section that allows you to add different sized sketches to your report as photos. 

To open the Sketchpad, click on Photos > Add/Review Photos. On an empty photo slot, click on Add Sketch to open the window to input the layout size and dimensions that the sketch will portray. 

A second window will pop up confirming the scaling information that you have just entered. Click OK to open the Sketchpad window.

This feature has several tools to help you create accurate and clean sketches. You have the ability to create shapes and lines within your sketch on the left side. On the right, you can change the type of line that is used to draw, the thickness of the line, as well as the color. You can use multiple colors on the same sketch.

There is also the option to use the grid to align your edits, as well as a measurement marker that automatically adds the measurements of your sketches based on the dimensions you entered. The text box allows you to add labels or captions to the sketch.

Once you are complete with your sketching, click on Insert Sketch in Report to finalize your edits and insert the sketch into your report as a photo.