Email Authentication

Getting your message to your clients inbox is important and authentication is essential to avoid being blocked or filtered by anti-spam software. HIP Office automatically authenticates your campaigns using SPF and DKIM. You can keep more emails out of people's SPAM folders by setting up authentication on your website domain.

To setup email authentication and domain protection, you will need your own domain name and the ability to access the DNS records to make changes.

Each DNS provider is unique in how records are created. You may need to contact your provider’s support team for assistance. Your DNS provider will either be where you purchased your domain name (such as GoDaddy) or with who hosts your website. If you need help setting this up, contact your webhost.

DKIM - DomainKeys Identified Mail

DKIM is an authentication tool that allows a domain name to take responsibility for transmitting a message in a way that can be verified by mailbox providers. This verification is made possible through cryptographic authentication; resulting in a digital 'DKIM Signature' added to the hidden headers in your email messages. HIP Office will DKIM sign your messages when sending out emails.  If you would like to use your own domain (i.e., follow the steps below to set up DKIM for your domain.

Setup Custom DKIM for Your Domain

  1. Login to your domain hosting account. (i.e.; GoDaddy, Wix, Network Solutions, etc.)
  2. Locate the Domain DNS settings. (if you are not familiar with editing your domain DNS - we recommend requesting help from your domain hosting provider)
  3. Enter the CNAME records shown to you from HIP Office  or via an E-Mail from HIP. They will look something similar to below (though there will be 3 total). THESE ARE NOT THE ACTUAL VALUES, THEY'RE JUST AN EXAMPLE!
      POINTS TO:
  4. Wait for domain to update; the recommended time to wait for the change to be active for each record is 1 hour.

Important for GoDaddy: Some DNS providers will append the domain name automatically. In those cases, the .<> is not required. Examples of these are GoDaddy and Wix.

Note for Users: Due to limitations with the Wix system, it is not possible to properly setup the DKIM records for HIP Office using the above settings. If your domain was registered through a registrar separate from Wix, it may be possible to work around this issue. Please contact HIP Support to discuss your options. 

If you have any questions on this please contact HIP Support or your webhost.