Real estate agents can be imported into HIP Office from a .csv file. 

**Note** Be sure that the .csv formatted according to the template below.

If you have agents or other contacts in your Home Inspector Pro desktop Address Book, you can export the contacts by following the instructions in this help article:

It is strongly suggested to upload a small batch of contacts at a time because they will need to be verified before they are imported into the program. If imported incorrectly, they will need to be deleted manually. 

Use the template below to copy/paste a few rows of contacts at a time from your master .csv file. and import that file, make sure things look good, and then continue importing a few at a time until they are all loaded.

To import the .csv file, sign in to HIPO and go to Data Management-->Agents. Click on the Import Agent button in the top right corner. Then, select your .csv file and upload it. The program will match entries. Be sure to scroll all the way across on each agent/row to make sure that the info is "merged" to a category, as shown in the screenshot below. Then press the Start Agent Import button.

Please let us know if you have any questions.